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Development plan

( ) 2013-07-03

4. City development

Core area

Jiading New Town will cooperate with Jiading's old areas to increase the industrial change from the current industries to modern services and the core area will give priority to developing modern service industries, such as a headquarters economy, commerce, finance, trade, and scientific and education research. The area is expected to be a comprehensive zone with production, residences, and public services.

Two pivots

The Shanghai-Ningbo development pivot is one of two key pivots in Jiading, based on the economic and trade clusters in the south of Jiading, a production service cluster, and the modern service clusters in the International Automobile Town. It gives priority to modern service industrials in automobile R&D and logistics and will be a commercial service corridor that runs through the Hongqiao business area of Shanghai. Tail track line 11 pivot, the other development key, will be based on rail traffic development in the city for modern service industries such as finance, commercial brands, and large shopping malls.

Four highlands

The new town of Jiading will become a top automobile production area based on the Shanghai International Automobile Town and a strategic emerging industry site, based on the industrial zone, scientific research institutes, and technological industrialization sites in the north, a cultural and information site, based on real estate clusters, such as Dongfang Huigu and Zhihui Jinsha, and companies such as the Advertising & Culture Industry's Sino-Adi Development Base.

Emerging industries

The strategic emerging industry bases of major technology and social progress play an important in the long-term development of society, basically in science and knowledge compression, using fewer materials and resources, and with great growth potential and benefits. Jiading currently focuses on energy-saving industries, such as the new generation of information technology, biochemistry, top equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, and new energy automobile production.

Development plan

(Fig. 2-2 Overall industrial development layout)

III. Overall targets

By the end of the 12th Five-year Plan, Jiading will have an overall industrial system with scientific city management and services, a more rational pattern, and strong innovation and it will develop a newer, better image with a socially fair system that is human-oriented and quality resource-conscious. It plans to lead in Shanghai's industrial transformation and become a key hub in the Yangtze River Delta, which is economically advanced, functionally optimal, high-tech, and eco-friendly.

Areas the 12th Five-year Plan






Economic growth rate


Annual increase of 10


Increase ratio of the tertiary industry


Around 40


Increase ratio of local revenue


Annual increase of 10


Reduction ratio of unit production energy consumption


Fulfill the Shanghai municipal target


Total social fixed assets investment


About 120b within five years


Permanent residents




Registered urban unemployment rate


Reach the Shanghai municipal target


Increase rate of the urban and rural family per capita disposable income


Consistent with the social economic growth

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Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.