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I. Overall Plan

1. District's functional definition

Being part of the Yangtze River Delta and relying on the overall strength of Shanghai, the district aims to blaze a new trail for industrialization and urbanization and develop into an international auto city that combines auto production with modern service industries. The district also wants to build itself into a new modern city that features cultural distinctiveness and harmonious social development.

2. Four major blocks

Relying on industrial support, the district strives for the balanced development between the urban and rural areas by developing the central, west, south and north blocks.

Central block: Concentrating on the main area of Jiading's new urban area and taking advantage of the Shanghai International Circuit, the block focuses on the development of auto-related modern service industries in order to turn itself into a modern urban area featuring scientific research, education, sports, recreation, living and residence.

West block: The block highlights the functions of car and parts manufacturing, auto trading, exhibition, research and development to develop itself into an international auto industrial base.

South block: The block emphasizes the development of modern logistics, commerce, and productive service industries and features residential and service functions.

North block: The block emphasizes the extension of the auto-making industrial chain, the development of urban-oriented modern agriculture, the construction of an advanced manufacturing base, and a modern urban-oriented agricultural park.

II. Infrastructures

Power: The existing 500-kV transformer station, two 220-kV transformer stations, four 110-kV transformer stations and 28 35-kV transformer stations can meet the demands of production and residents in the district.

Water: Jiading has rich water resources and can supply 450,000 tons of water daily.

Sewage treatment: The district has two sewage treatment plants in Fangtai and the district's new town as well as two water purification plants in Jiading and Anting. A sewage treatment plant at the Jiading Industrial Zone (north block) with a daily capacity of 200,000 tons is under construction.

Gas: The district has two gas pipelines to transport man-made gas from Shanghai and a central natural gas station in Anting. Natural gas pipelines have reached the industrial zone and the urban area of the International Auto City in the north of Jiading.

Communications: The district can provide IDD, DDN, ISDN, ADSL, FTTB and other telecom services.

III. Service Industries

1. Development goals:

By enhancing capacity, increasing totals, adjusting structures and optimizing distribution, the district emphasizes the development of the auto-related service industry, productive service industry, commerce, real estate industry and tourism so as to form a preliminary system of modern service industries that matches a modern city.

2. Supporting policies

The district promulgated the 2007 Rules of Jiading District for Implementing the Opinions on Promoting the Development of Modern Service Industries. The document specifies the industries that deserve priority support: headquarters economy, modern logistics, professional services, brand exhibition, high-end tourism, general merchandise and recreation, social undertakings and other industries.

3. Development plans:

One Line, Two Cities and Four Bases

(1) One line: a belt of modern service industries along the No 11 rail line

It is comprised of the nine stations of the No 11 rail line and the surrounding areas 500 to 1,500 meters from the line. The No 11 line serves as the main axis of the district, with the proposed No 13 and 17 rail lines completing the traffic network. The district aims to build an urban development corridor in Jiading and to gradually form a rail-traffic-linked belt of modern service industries in Shanghai.

(2) Two Cities

1. International auto city: a highland in China for auto research and development and auto service industries

The district plans to build a first-rate auto research and development base in China. It will also cultivate the core function of auto trade and develop auto sports and the cultural entertainment.

2. Jiading new city: a residential center and a regional public service center

The district will promote the construction of large commercial and residential functions and construct a regional public service center. It will also promote the concentration of scientific creative industries.

(3) Four Bases

1. A base of commerce, headquarters and logistics in the south

The district will develop the function of commerce and logistics in Jiangqiao and promote the concentration of headquarters and business functions in Nanxiang and Jiangqiao areas. It will accelerate the construction of residential areas in Jiangqiao and Nanxiang.

2. An industrial innovation zone in Jiading's northern industrial zone

Jiading will develop into a R&D, headquarters and high-tech center with the function of auto production.

3. A cultural and recreational agricultural base in Malu

The Malu Cultural and Information Industrial Park will take full advantage of Shanghai's resources and rely on teaching and research staff from the School of Digital Art of Shanghai University. The park is encouraged to develop industries featuring cultural creativeness and digital content in the area.

At the same time, Malu will further develop its grape brand. The Malu Grape Theme Park will extend its functions of sightseeing, tourism and recreation to become a "Turpan in Shanghai" and form a grape-themed recreational and sightseeing landmark in Shanghai's western suburban area.

4. A modern agricultural R&D and recreational base in Xuhang and Huating

The district's goal is to build a R&D base for the food safety and health industry and an agricultural recreational base in Shanghai.

IV. Manufacturing

In developing manufacturing industries, the district will focus on the development of advanced manufacturing industries with core technologies, proprietary intellectual properties, self-developed brands and strong market competitiveness.

By taking advantage of the overall strength of the international auto city and the northern base of advanced manufacturing industries, a secondary plan will be introduced for the auto city to promote the advance of infrastructure construction. The district hopes to attract high-end auto parts enterprises with core competitiveness into the area. At the same time, the district will also make vigorous efforts to introduce and cultivate new high-tech industries highlighting bio-pharmacy, new materials and optic electronics.



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.