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Shanghai International Auto City

( ) 2013-07-05

Shanghai International Auto City

Shanghai International Auto City comprises of the Auto Parts Industrial Park of Shanghai International Auto City, the Jiading Huangdu Industrial Zone and the Jiading Nanxiang High-Tech Park.

1. The Auto Parts Industrial Park of Shanghai International Auto City is located in Anting, a major industrial town in the northwest part of Shanghai. Occupying 8 square kilometers of land, the park is an important component of Shanghai International Auto City. As a result of several years of development efforts, the park has optimized its infrastructure facilities and landscaped 38 percent of its area. To date, it has introduced more than 280 projects, of which 14 are among the world's top 500, and 80 percent are engaged in auto parts production.

2. Jiading Huangdu Industrial Park occupies 542.4 hectares of land. The park enjoys visible geographic advantages and boasts a well-developed road network. It has attracted 136 enterprises, of which 117 have begun operation and production.

Thanks to years of construction, the park has preliminarily formed industries in auto parts, auto logistics, electronic components, household appliances and machine manufacturing. In the next stage, the park will focus on attracting auto electronic projects and R&D institutions to turn itself into a R&D highland in the international auto city.

3. The Shanghai Auto Electronic Industrial Base is located in the town of Huangdu in Shanghai International Auto City. Built on 200 hectares of land, the base boasts the National Auto Test Center, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Institute, Tongji University Engineering Test Center, and other R&D and test institutions. Within a radius of several kilometers, there are lots of Chinese and foreign first-class auto and auto electronic enterprises such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Optima-Roush and the Toyota R&D Center. It is strong in industrial concentration and supporting services.

4. Nanxiang High-Tech Park, occupying 851.2 hectares of land, focuses on the development of five leading industries: electronic information and communication, auto parts, electric motors and elevators, metal products and modern textiles. To meet the development demand of small and medium-sized enterprises, the park has constructed two urban-oriented standard plant buildings, with a total floor space of 350,000 square meters.

Headquarters: 885 Yutang Road, Anting, Shanghai, China (201805)

Tell: 86 (21) 59563324 69576197

Fax: 86 (21) (021)59563621

Downtown office address: 28, Building 1D, Caoxi North Road, Shanghai

Tell: 86 (21) 64864165 64876081



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.