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China Engineering Physics Academy's Shanghai Laser Plasma Institute

( ) 2013-07-05

China Engineering Physics Academy's Shanghai Laser Plasma Institute

The Shanghai Institute of Laser Plasma, a research arm of the China Academy of Engineering Physics founded in 1986, employs 30 people, one of whom is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, four of whom are research fellows, and six, associate research fellows and senior engineers.

It consists of a general office and two research units, with a national high-power laser physics lab that was established using personnel from the Chinese Science Academy's Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics. It concentrates on high-power laser physics and technologies and physical research on laser plasma interaction.

In the past 10 years, it has won more than 10 awards from the central government, the Shanghai government, and National Defense Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry , for its scientific and technological work. It has also published many academic papers in China and abroad.

It took part in operations, maintenance, and upgrades of devices at the Shenguang-I high-power neodymium glass solid laser lab, and has done research and experiments on laser plasma interaction, inertial confinement fusion, high-power laser-induced shock waves, and x-ray laser.

For the past five years, it has taken part in R&D, testing and experiments on the larger Shenguang-II devices, with a total capacity in the eight-route base-frequency laser (wavelength at 1.053?m) of 6kj/100 ps. The progress in the first laser fusion experiment on Shenguang-II indicates that China is at a new level in high-power laser physics and technology and in research and experimental technology of laser-induced fusion.

It has also done experiments and research with major significance and practical value and has some of the most advanced research results, for example, high-power laser-induced shock waves for experiments. It used double-target pairing, multi-target linkup and space confinement for mid-scale lasers for saturated output of 23.2 nm and 23.6 nm Ne-like Ge soft X-ray laser, and saturated output of 13.9nm Ni-like silver soft X-ray, and 5.02nm Ni-like Yb Soft X-ray.

Address: 197 Chengzhong Rd, Jiading district, Shanghai

Tel: 021-5992-1969




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