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Lu Yanshao Art Academy

( ) 2013-07-09

Lu Yanshao Art Academy

Lu Yanshao (1909-1993) was a native of Nanxiang town in Jiading district. Lu traveled far and wide across China when he was young, but led a miserable life by drifting from place to place when he was middle aged. He also suffered a lot when he was in his prime. He devoted himself to art and was very productive in his senior years.

Lu Yanshao created his unique style in the Chinese contemporary art of landscape paintings. He excelled in calligraphy and verse composition, and was known as a literati painter in contemporary China. He served as a painter with the Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai, president of the Zhejiang Painting Institute, professor of the Zhejiang Institute of Fine Arts, and director of the China Artists Association.

The Lu Yanshao Art Academy is a center devoted to collecting and researching the calligraphic and painting works of Lu Yanshao and carrying forward his art of painting and calligraphy. Adjacent to Qiuxia Garden, it boasts a beautiful environment and landscape.

On the granite front-gate wall, the name of the academy, written by renowned contemporary calligrapher Sha Menghai, is inscribed. At present, the academy has in its collection 75 masterpieces by Lu Yanshao.

Address: No 358 Dongdajie Street, Jiading Town, Jiading District

Telephone: 86 (21) 59529530 86 (21) 021-59527465 86 (21) 021-59526465

Ticket Price: 20 yuan

Opening: 9am - 4:30pm




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