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Confucius Temple in Jiading

( ) 2013-07-09

Jiading is known as a "state of education", and the Confucius Temple is the source. According to historical records, Jiading had, since the initiation of the imperial examination system, fostered 192 imperial scholars, including three champions in the imperial examinations. Jiading has a strong background for culture and education and is known as the birthplace of talents and men of letters.

Construction of the temple took 30 years, beginning in the 12th year of the Jiading reign of the Southern Song Dynasty (1219), which was the second year after Jiading was officially named a county. It was principally completed in the ninth year of the Chunyou reign of the Southern Song Dynasty.

In the following 800 years, the Confucius Temple, covering an area of about 1.13 hectares, underwent 10 massive renovations during various dynasties. As a result, it has been quite well preserved.

In 1962, the Confucius Temple in Jiading was listed as a Shanghai Municipality Protected Historic Site.

Today, the temple also houses the newly-opened Shanghai Museum of the Chinese Imperial Examination System.

Address: No 183 Nandajie Street, Jiading Town, Jiading District

Ticket Price: 20 yuan

Telephone: 86 (21) 59911136



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