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Joyful Country Life at Maoqiao Village


Joyful Country Life at Maoqiao Village

Maoqiao Village is one of the 35 experimental villages for the socialist new rural area in China. The village, with lush trees, fresh flowers and singing birds, is a typical South China village characterized by its bridges and brooks.

The village has its unique charms and attractions for urban visitors such as its natural rivers and roads, green environment, country style houses and urban-styled infrastructures. In the entire renovation process of Maoqiao village, the village environment and appearance are the priority.

During its renovation, the original natural landscapes were conserved. Its environment was improved, and farmers' houses were renovated, making the village a model for the socialist new rural area.

Main attractions at the village include: cottages used by urban youths during their rural education, the history of farming tools, the Maoqiao canteen, the winter charms at Jiejing, the century-old houses, boating, tranquil and zigzagging roads, the old elm tree, metropolitan farmers, peach growers and centuries-old workshops.

Maoqiao village has been named a pilot village in the country for agriculture-based tourism.

Address: No 1268 Shuangzhu Highway, Huating Town, Jiading District

Telephone: 86 (21) 59951295, 86 (21) 59959006

Bus Lines: Beihua Line, Jialiu Line, Jiatanghua Line and Hutang Line

Driving Guide: Shanghai downtown - North-South Elevated Road - Middle Ring Road - Hujia Expressway (A12) - Jiaxing Highway - Shuangzhu Highway

Ticket Price: 10 yuan



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