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Malu Vineyard

( ) 2013-07-11

Malu is the growing area of grapes, and the Malu Vineyard is the experimental and growing base of the Malu Grape Institute. The institute is the first professional research organization in the suburban areas of Shanghai approved by the Shanghai Commission of Science and Technology. It has successfully introduced 38 kinds of grapes since its founding.

The Jingya Grape is a hybrid of European and American grapes. This hybrid grape looks nice and weighs heavy, and one cluster of grapes could weigh 400-500 grams. The grape is dark purple and big when they become ripe. The Seedless Red Grape was introduced from Changli of Hebei province and is a kind of fresh and light grape. It does not have the phenomenon of cracking when it becomes ripe. The August Grape has a rose smell when it is ripe. In addition, there are also mid-ripe kinds such as the Pink Yadu Sweetly, Victoria and Jingyu grapes, as well as late-ripe varieties such as Wanhong, Qiuhong and Black Rose.

Main attractions of the vineyard include: the Grape corridor, the petite fruit orchard, the wine castle, the lovers' paradise, the miniature garden, the fruit-picking garden and the water-borne vineyard.

Visitors can not only taste grapes of top quality, but also visit the farmers' vineyards in adjacent areas, have fun picking grapes and enjoy home dishes at the farmers' homes.

The Malu Grape Theme Park has been selected and approved to be an experimental garden for agriculture-based tourism in China.

Malu is also the place where Shanghai Shenma Winery Ltd, the maker of Imperial Court wines, is located.

1. Grape picking, 60 yuan per kilogram

2. Grape tasting, free but with restrictions

3. Touring wine venues such as the vineyard resort, the agricultural exhibition vineyard and mini fruit yard, free

4. Touring around the lover's vineyard, costs included

5. Boat rowing, 50 yuan per person

6. Tasting grape juice, 28 yuan per cup

7. Tasting wine, 40 yuan per cup

Driver's guide:

(1) Shanghai downtown - North-South Elevated Road - Middle Ring Road - Hujia Expressway (A12) - Malu exit - Baoan Highway - Liuxiang Crossing - Malu Vineyard;

(2) Shanghai suburb - Outer Ring Road (A20) - Hujia Expressway (A12) - Malu exit - Baoan Highway - Liuxiang Crossing - Malu Vineyard

Public Transport:

(1) Nanjia Line, Beijia Line, Hutang Line, 822 or Sightseeing Bus Line 6 – get off on Malu stop - Malu line 1 bus - get off on Xiaojiazhai stop;

(2) Shuttle buses from Shanghai tourist distribution center to the Malu Vineyard on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Ticket Price: 30 yuan per person, a group of 15 and over enjoy an 85 percent discount and children 1.3 meters or under enjoy a 50 percent discount

Dates: June to November annually, 8am - 4:30pm

Address: Malu Vineyard, 27 Dazhi Road, Malu Town, Jiading District (near the Liuxiang Crossing on A30 highway)

Telephone: 86 (21) 59511810



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