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Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour

( ) 2013-07-12

Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour

Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour: Shanghai Volkswagen, a Chinese-German joint venture, is the largest auto manufacturing base in China, producing the largest number of autos -- dozens of models in six series manufactured on five platforms, including the Santana, Santana 3000, Passat, Polo, Gol and Touran. Its annual output capacity has exceeded 450,000 units.

Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour is one of the experimental industrial tour routes in China. The tour will bring visitors to the auto assembly line to see the process about how a car is produced, giving visitors a taste of the inexhaustible charms of modern and advanced management, technology and science, and a better understanding about the far-reaching evolution and transformation of the living concepts and ways of life brought by the modern auto industry for the people.

Address: No 5288 Caoan Highway, Jiading District

Telephone: 86 (21) 69565797

Opening: 9am - 4pm

Ticket Price: 40 yuan



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