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Shanghai International Circuit

( ) 2013-07-12

Located northeast of Anting town of Jiading district where Shanghai International Auto City sits, Shanghai International Circuit occupies a land area of 5.3 square kilometers and is known as an F1 circuit adhering to international standards for its highest degree of difficulty, highest technological content, and the most complete and comprehensive functions.

The circuit was designed by Tilke GmbH, an internationally renowned and professional race circuit design company.

Its main structure has both modern elements and traditional Chinese features. Its race track is shaped like the Chinese character 上 (the first character in the city's name Shanghai). The design of the red and golden cylindrical roof cut-outs of the main spectator stand was inspired by the traditional Chinese lantern; the film structured roof of the side spectator stands is shaped like lotus leaves; and the design of the PAddressock area for racing teams to rest and refresh was inspired by the waterside pavilions and bridges at Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai.

The designed capacity of spectator stands is about 200,000 people, including 50,000 seats on the main and side stands, and the rest are temporary spectator seats at the sloped areas. The total length of the race track is 5,451.24 meters, with seven left turns and seven right turns, and the designed average speed is 205 kilometers.

The high-standard green and waterside areas exceed 1 million square meters and make this race circuit a harmonious blending of speed, thrill, leisure and comfort.

In the days without racing events on the F1 race track, driving activities are organized. The Kart track is open to visitors for hands-on experiences of F1 races.

Address: No 2000 Yining Road, Jiading District

Telephone: 86 (21) 59502078

Ticket Price: 50 yuan




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