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Shanghai Fuxi Food Ltd

( ) 2013-07-15

Shanghai Fuxi Food Ltd is an American wholly-owned enterprise approved by the Shanghai municipal government. It produces and processes meat, seafood, rice, flour and vegetable products for well-known international fast food chains. Established in April 1996, the company is the second international-standardized meat and vegetable processing enterprise established by its parent company OSI Corporation out of its strategic consideration to pursue long-term development in China.

Built on 21,000 square meters of land, the company has a processing workshop equipped with two production lines: one for chicken processing and another for beef/pork processing. Its development strategy is to ensure its products are locally processed according to import standards.

The company's main raw materials, direct labor and management personnel all come from local sources. Currently, it can produce 12,000 tons of frozen meat products a year. It ideally seeks to become the best supplier/cooperation partner in Asia. It proceeds from consumer demand and establishes clear and measurable targets. It upholds the principles of openness, fairness and honesty and emphasizes results. It creates an environment of empowerment, development opportunities, unity and cooperation. It encourages innovation and constant improvement to eventually meet and go beyond consumer expectations.

Address: 58 Chenbao Road, Chencun Village, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

Postcode: 201801

Tel: 021-69153558

Fax: 021-69153886



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