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Honeywell Xin Yao Auto Sensors (Shanghai) Ltd

( ) 2013-07-15

Honeywell Xin Yao Auto Sensors (Shanghai) Ltd was jointly established in 2005 by Honeywell (China) Corporation and Shanghai Xin Yao Electronics Ltd. Honeywell possesses advanced and proven sensor technology, which is used in engine management system (EMS), anti-lock braking system (ABS) and ATM automatic transmission. It has strong links with global automakers. Shanghai Xin Yao Electronics Ltd specializes in R&D and industrialization of auto electronics.

With a registered capital of $2.7 million, the company specializes in designing, making, processing and selling auto sensors and providing relevant technical consulting and after-sale services.

Address: 8, 55th Alley, Fenggong Road, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

Postcode: 201801

Tel: +86-21-69155810

Fax: +86-21-69155823





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