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Shanghai International Automobile City Incubator

( ) 2013-08-13

Shanghai International Automobile City Incubator

Shanghai International Automobile City Incubator is located in Anting township, Jiading district. It is a medium-high level incubator approved by the Jiading district government covering an area of 44,913 square meters. It has a building area of 57,141 square meters and an investment of 2.5 billion yuan.

The incubator, relying on the advantages of the automobile city and supported by the automobile industry, has introduced many international-level specialized institutions, focusing on areas such as automobile R&D, software development, headquarters, consulting services and associations. It has completed 70 percent of incubation construction.

More and more world-renowned automobile factories and logistics companies will settle in the park, including some high-quality small enterprises with advanced technology and fast growth. The advantage of the automobile city is the major reason small enterprises want to settle here.



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.