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Shanghai Aerospace Electronics Equipment Institute

( ) 2013-08-14

Shanghai Aerospace Electronics Equipment Institute

Shanghai Aerospace Electronics Equipment Institute, formerly called the Shanghai Scientific Instrument Factory, was founded in May 1957. It was a former member of the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was later transferred to the China Academy of Space Technology.

In 2002, it was incorporated into the Shanghai Aerospace Electronics Company, which is a subsidiary of China Aerospace Times Electronics Co. Shanghai Aerospace Electronics Company is located in Jiading district, Shanghai, and covers 120,000 square meters.

As the earliest aerospace enterprise in the country, the company is engaged in research, design, technology, trial-manufacture, production and environmental testing of aerospace products. It has a total of more than 700 employees, 60 percent of which are engineering technical personnel. It boasts eight functional departments, three professional research offices, three research centers and one manufacture department.

It can design, develop and produce electronics as well as mechanical and mechatronic products. It also has strong development and production capacity for RF subsystems, remote monitoring subsystems, data transmission subsystems, thermal control subsystems, communication systems and exact mechanism parts for spacecraft measurement and control. It can produce more than 3,500 products. Its products have been installed in all the satellites and airships developed by the country.

The company has received 148 scientific awards: three national special prizes for Progress in Science and Technology; seven first-place national prizes for Progress in Science and Technology; and 138 ministerial, provincial and municipal prizes for Progress in Science and Technology. It has made great contributions to the country's development of the aerospace industry, national defense construction and national economy.

Address: No 1600, Huancheng Road, Jiading district, Shanghai

Tel: 021-59925678



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