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Jiading New City's first cinema opens

By Wang Lianqing ( ) 2013-08-20

Jiading New City's first cinema opens

Meiya Cinema, with 10 screens and a total of 1,638 seats, opened on August 9, and is the first cinema in Jiading New City.

It is located in Youngrunxinchen Square and includes a VIP room with a capacity of 40.

It uses the Sony-4K ultra-high picture projector with 4096*2160 pixel resolution to offer a memorable experience for moviegoers.

Yongrunxingchen Square - near Bao'an Road and Yongsheng Road - is a commercial complex with a total construction area of 50,000 square meters. It includes new facilities such as karaoke bars and restaurants.

Jiading New City's first cinema opens
Jiading New City's first cinema opens

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