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Golf Tour

( ) 2013-08-29

Golf Tour

Route I

Shanghai Xiehe Golf Club –Huating Modern Agriculture Park – Maoqiao Village

Route II

Shanghai Xiehe Golf Club – Auto Museum or Huating Modern Agriculture Park – Maoqiao Village or Malu Vineyard

【Shang Yinhao Golf Course】

Shanghai Yinhao Golf Course is located at No 55, Waiqian Road, Waigang town, Jiading district. It offers professional training and personal guidance for individuals and groups.

An elegant restaurant provides dining services for golf students. What's more, the golf course has meeting rooms that can accommodate 30 people. It also offers various kinds of golf material for reference. It's convenient for students to buy sports clothes and equipment in the golf course as well.

【Shanghai Xiehe Golf Club 】

Shanghai Xiehe Golf Club is about 40 minutes by car from downtown Shanghai. Designed by Kentaro Sato, a famous Japanese golf course designer, the 18-hole golf course measures 7,133 feet.

The course has small peaks, valleys, stone walls, bridges, sandpits and obstacles that have been strategically placed, providing wonderful fun for golfers.

【Huating Modern Agriculture Park】

As the core of Jiading's Modern Agriculture Zone located in Huating town, the park covers about 856,667 square meters and boasts major attractions such as the Huating teahouse, the “heart-to-heart” bridge, fishing ponds, turtle pools and vineyards. Tourists can pick grapes, taste delicious Hami melons, fish along the river, and even claim a piece of land to grow vegetables.

The park provides city dwellers an opportunity to get close to nature and experience the beauty and charm of the countryside. The park was named a national pilot park for agriculture-based tourism in 2006.

【Malu Vineyard】

Malu is the growing area of grapes, and the Malu Vineyard is the experimental and growing base of the Malu Grape Institute. The institute is the first professional research organization in the suburban areas of Shanghai approved by the Shanghai Commission of Science and Technology. It has successfully introduced 38 kinds of grapes since its founding.

Main attractions of the vineyard include: the Grape corridor, the petite fruit orchard, the wine castle, the lovers' paradise, the miniature garden, the fruit-picking garden and the water-borne vineyard.

【Maoqiao Village】

Maoqiao Village is one of 35 experimental villages for a new socialist rural area in China. The village, with lush trees, fresh flowers and singing birds, is a typical South China village characterized by bridges and brooks. The village has a unique charm and attractions for urban visitors, such as natural rivers and roads, a green environment, country-style houses and urban-style infrastructure.

It was named as a pilot village for agriculture-based tourism in 2006.



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.