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Jiading prepares for environmental health inspection

( ) 2013-09-10

Jiading prepares for environmental health inspection
Public participation of community service is on full swing.

Shanghai's Jiading district, which was one of the "national demonstration zones for environmental health, evaluated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2004, strives to keep a clean image and increase public health awareness as it embraces its triennial inspection between August and September.

It has devoted more manpower and material resources in cleaning up streets- including sweeping machines, roadway flushers and high-speed cleaning electric vehicles – and introduced accountability and monitoring system to ensure high quality cleaning services.

It also beefed up garbage classification and recycling efforts in residential areas to avoid potential public health hazards caused by landfill leachate and mosquitoes. In some communities, garbage chambers were replaced by trash cans to ease cleaning efforts.

Moreover, the district regulated and standardized small businesses, such as small restaurants, barber's shops, public baths, net bars and hostels.

Chen Linfang, an official with the public health office in the district's Nanxiang town, said that "we implemented more stringent safety and health standards for those businesses and embraced public opinions in our administration".

"We hope these measures could not only improve environmental health but also provide convenience for the general public," said Chen.

Several communities in the district also encouraged residents to help create and maintain a clean and tidy environment through various campaigns. Many people have become volunteers, contributing their spare time to community services.

Jiading prepares for environmental health inspection
Garbage on the street can be cleaned up within 15 minutes.



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