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Jiading's Taipei Town to become Shanghai's new landmark

( ) 2013-09-17

Jiading's Taipei Town to become Shanghai's new landmark

Taipei Town -- a commercial complex in Shanghai's Jiading district -- is expected to finish decorations in November and go into operation next July, according to Chen Xinhong, vice-manager of the complex's investor, Poly Real Estate Group. Chen hopes it will become the city's new landmark.

The town, which covers 1,269,000 square meters along Baiyin Road and Yumin Road of Jiading New City, has five floors above ground, two floors underground as well as a tower on top, combining various entertainment facilities, restaurants and shops with Taiwan's distinct style.

The third floor, which houses the Taiwan Culture Exhibition Hall, is expected to become the major attraction of the whole complex, showcasing arts and history of the island through various programs such as Taiwan's Time Machine, which introduces its rich history; Deng Lijun Music World, dedicated to the late Taiwan-born singer; and stage performances featuring exotic shows like glove puppetry and Ge-Zai opera.

Taipei Town will also provide visitors a chance to explore the island – even if they are not actually there – by offering delicious Taiwan cuisine, local specialties, fashion, accessories and home furnishings.

In addition, the complex will boast China's first 6D cinema, where audiences can sit on mobile seats and experience a film from the character's point of view.

Chen said that they have joined hands with more than 60 travel companies that will help promote the complex's image and popularity. He hopes "this new landmark will – along with Shanghai International Circuit and Jiading Ancient Town – offer exciting adventures to curious tourists."




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