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Jiading upgrades healthcare system following 40m yuan investment

By Chen Zhilin 2013-10-17

The Jiading district government launched its medical reforms in public hospitals last year - with an investment of more than 40 million yuan ($6.56 million) for the construction of a digital health care platform - and more than 650,000 medical files have now been uploaded.

The new platform records the patient's medical history, and doctors will be able to have easy access to the records, which will reduce the risk of misdiagnosis or any other errors.

Patients who possess a social security card or a medical card connected to the new medical platform will now be able to enjoy a simpler system when they pay for their treatment.

The new platform also plays an important role in regulating and assessing the skills and services of hospital staff. This information will be saved in a sort of "medical information bank" that can be accessed by the local public health supervision department.

In addition, officials hope that the new platform will allow health care professionals to access the medical systems of other districts and the Shanghai municipality as a whole.

Edited by Niva Whyman



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