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China Mobile 4G now available in Shanghai’s Jiading

By Lin Hong ( ) 2014-03-24

China Mobile 4G now available in Shanghai’s Jiading
Customers try new products in a China Mobile branch.

On 4G, or fourth-generation mobile communication technology, users can experience smoother and faster Internet surfing on mobile devices, with a peak download speed of about 100Mb per second.

Currently, of China’s three mobile operators, China Mobile is the first to provide 4G services, and locals in Shanghai’s Jiading district can experience the new services.

In order to enjoy 4G high speed Internet, all you need is one 4G mobile phone and one USIM card. The first step is to get a 4G mobile phone supporting TD-LTE network; the second step is going to a China Mobile office to get the 4G exclusive USIM card without changing phone number numbers; the third step is choosing an appropriate 4G high speed flux package based on your own needs after consulting with the salesman.

Some people worry that the high-speed 4G network may result in higher mobile fees due to the excessive flux. However, 4G network just means faster speed, and it has nothing to do with the amount of data.

Edited by Lin Hong and Nelly Min



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