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Jiading urges reforms on teaching

By Lin Hong ( ) 2014-04-18

Jiading urges reforms on teaching
The Jiading district in Shanghai holds a meeting on March 31, to launch a project to improve schools.

The district of Jiading, Shanghai, launched a three-year project, on March 31, to improve schools, including improving the campus environment, teacher behavior, and class structure reforms.

With the new challenges brought by information technology into the education field, Jiading has been paying attention to quality education and its development, and thus has formed a team of innovative headmasters and learned teachers in recent years. But there are still other problems that lie ahead.

Kang Ding, principal of Jiading’s First High School, said that focus on teaching materials and on students reflected very different concepts of teaching. In the past, teachers emphasized teaching materials and aimed to “be a good lecturer”, instead of listening to students’ needs, which will be a major change in the project.

Li Yuan, deputy head of the district, attended the launch ceremony.

Edited by Lin Hong and Brian Salter



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