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Jiading conducts preparation work ahead of flood season

By Zhang Yuchen ( ) 2014-05-16

Shanghai’s Jiading district held a 2014 flood prevention meeting on May 14, clarifying the assignment schedule before the flood season arrives.

Cai Xiaofei, deputy executive of the district, attended the meeting and gave out important instructions.

He pointed out that flood prevention work was in the public interest, and the local administration should firmly guarantee the quality and punctuality of the work.

“We will try our best to minimize the factors which affect people traveling, especially on city roads which easily get waterlogged,” said Cai, “At the same time, we need to strengthen flood caution awareness among the public and take further publicity measures.”

According to the news report following the meeting, the district will enter its flood season in June.

Having learnt hidden risks that were exposed during last year’s typhoon “Fitow”, the Jiading government has laid out 10 flood control measures, including 10 underwater e-alert settings, three rebuilt polder areas and 600 safety nets for accident prevention.

In addition, a liaison and meeting system has also been set up to ensure safety during the flood season. Currently, preparation work is being undertaken in an orderly manner.

The meeting also clarified the rectification of some ongoing projects which have been found not to have met the necessary construction standards.

Edited by Zhang Yuchen



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