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Jiading district leaders visit kids around "Children's Day"

( ) 2014-06-03

Jiading district leaders visited children in their area before the approach of international children's day on May 29.

Zhou Jinlin, the deputy secretary of Jiading district committee, Zhu Jianjiang, the deputy director of Jiading district and Zhang Yuhui, the vice chairman of Jiading district CPPCC visited Chenzhong road primary school, Chen Jia school and Juyuan kindergarten in turn, and gave the kids their festive congratulations and cordial greetings.

At the same time, the government leaders encouraged the minors to study hard and develop their growing personalities, and try to make great contributions to Jiading.

During the trip to Chenzhong road primary school, a group of young pioneers crowded around the leaders and tied red scarves for them. Students also gave them a wonderful gala at the newly-opened school arts building.

At the second visit site of Chen Jia school, the district leaders admired the students’ work, and enjoyed the shows named “chopstick dance” and “stepping out of our minds” which were performed by teachers and students.

The district leaders were keen to participate in the garden activities at Juyuan kindergarten, and the vivid interactions made both leaders and children laugh.

During the visits, the district leaders also donated some sports equipment, popular reading materials and educational toys to the students.



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