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Jiangqiao town limits group-oriented leasing

( ) 2014-06-04

Jiangqiao town launched its “limitation of group-oriented leasing” campaign in the Jinqiao community under the newly released “Shanghai residential renting regulations” in early May.

The group-oriented leasing residence is a dwelling which is shared by numerous domestic tenants and divides the original rooms into separate spaces which do not necessarily follow the architectural structure.

Ten principal tenants took advice from community staff and restored the original framework of the building taking up until the end of the month.

Jinqiao community is a relocation neighborhood where group-oriented leasing frequently occurs. Since the majority of local occupants have two or three houses, many tenants rent accommodation from them and turn these into the reconstructed rooms without giving notice to the estate owner.

With the effect of renting regulations being brought in from May 1, Jinqiao community has organized a group for rectification, and have searched each apartment and marked the 41 unqualified households.

“We interviewed those renters and forced the principal tenants to expel residents who shared the refurbished rooms,” said a member of therectification group. “We also informed the landlords and most of them guaranteed they would never rent their houses to those messy renters.”

At the same time, Jingqiao community committees are also warning the public about the risks of group-oriented leasing through bulletin boards and electronic display screens.

The community will keep searching out unsafe factors in this area, and prohibit group-oriented leasing in the future.



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