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Jiading ranks first in Shanghai's mass fitness report

( ) 2014-06-05
Jiading ranks first in Shanghai's mass fitness report

Jiading ranks first in Shanghai's mass fitness report

Jiading continued to rank first in the assessment of all of Shanghai’s districts in mass fitness development, according to a report issued by Shanghai’s Sport Bureau.

The report made an assessment according to the three components of the public service system for national fitness – exercise environment, sports participation and physical fitness. The index of Shanghai’s mass fitness, or 300 Index, showed the local fitness development as being satisfactory, with an improvement in all the three areas compared with 2012.

Jiading, scoring 287, ranked first among all districts, with its three indexes above the average of the whole city.

In the assessment of the exercise environment, Jiading boosted growth in its standard exercise track mileage and average exercise area of subdistricts and towns, which were above the city’s average. Efforts should be made to open more school sports courts and facilities to the public. The open rate was lower than the city’s average.

In terms of sports participation, Jiading also showed outstanding performance in the guidance of scientific exercise. The number of sports activities held by Jiading and the subdistricts in 2013 exceeded those of all the other districts.

Jiading has been highly scored for two consecutive years in the survey of physical fitness. As a national pilot monitoring center of physical fitness, Jiading Physical Fitness and Exercise Instruction Center provided residents with health monitoring and instruction services, which were recognized by the General Administration of Sport, as well as by local residents. The qualified rate for physical fitness of local students was also above the city average.



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