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Bonus points for college entrance examination will be adjusted in Shanghai

( ) 2014-06-06

The bonus points policy for the 2014 college entrance examination is currently being adjusted in Shanghai. A reporter interviewed Gu Xiufen, director of the admissions office of Jiading Education Bureau.

Q: Could you explain the background to the new bonus points policy in Shanghai? A: Yes. Bonus points for the 2014 college entrance examination include three categories: progressive person, competition winner and benefit favored person. Those candidates can obtain an additional 5-20 points in line with the policy.

Specifically, candidates who win any awards such as “Merit student of Shanghai”, “Outstanding student leader”, “Outstanding Youth League cadre” and “Outstanding Youth League member” could add 20 bonus scores. Candidates who win a scientific and technological invention prize or single course competition can add 10 or 20 bonus scores.

Athletetic students can add 20 bonus points and students who have a specialty in literature and art can add 5or 10 bonus points.

Q: I heard the bonus points policy for 2014 college entrance examination is different from previous years. Would you give some details?

A: According to the Ministry of Education, the new policy applies to Shanghai students who entered high school in 2011 and it is formally being implemented from 2014.

Under the new policy, students who win the first prize in the provincial division of the China National Olympiad would not acquire free admission to college without an examination and no bonus scores are allowed.

Students who get the first, second or third prize in the China National Olympiad will no longer keep the free admission qualification, and those students may also obtain less than 20 bonus points in the 2014 college entrance examination depending on the local admission committee.

Additionally, the students who meet one of the following requirements would be disqualified for free admission but could still get less than 20 bonus points depending on the provincial admission committee:

Winning first or second prize in the China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest or The Awarding Program for Future Scientists or PC Design Competition.

Winning an award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair or International Environmental Project Olympiad.

Q: It has been noticed that the policy for students of migrant parents has changed correspondingly. According to the new regulations, when the migrant workers have achieved 120 scores for a Shanghai residence permit, their children can take the college entrance examination in Shanghai. Will these students enjoy the bonus points policy?

A: Definitely. The bonus points policy applies to any qualified candidates with or without a registered residence in Shanghai.



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