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Jiading sets up young entrepreneurs association

( ) 2014-06-18

A young entrepreneurs association of Jiading district has recently been established at the SHU-UTS Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce Business School in Shanghai. Lu Yiyi, minister of Jiading United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech on the day.

"Association" is a workshop for young entrepreneurs. Sponsored by Jiading’s federation of industry and commerce, the workshop is a resource sharing platform aimed at exchanging business experiences and learning from each other.

The association is made up of the offspring of local wealthy families and young entrepreneurs, and it will periodically organize training programs, seminars and other events each year.

“The courses should enable those young entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their own self-cultivation and participate in various types of public welfare programs,” the association founder told a reporter.

The Jiading federation of industry and commerce required young entrepreneurs to play leading roles in local economic construction and be active participators in a new round development of Jiading. At the same time, these enterprise operators have been asked to pay attention to fulfill their social responsibilities and be honest and law-abiding in marketing management

According to the Jiading news report, the association’s inaugural ceremony is the graduation of a senior training class of Jiading young entrepreneurs. During the four days of seminars, those entrepreneurs discussed “how to operate a business by young people?”

Lu Wen, CEO of an electronic commerce company believed the entrepreneurship among young people is a continuous process of problem-solving and they should build their own team before starting a business.

Meng Zhengxuan, the second generation of a local enterprise also recognized Lu’s view, while he is taking over from his family business, but it seems pioneering work to him. “The company needs to move forward with new blood, since innovation is a critical factor in building a sustainable business,” Meng said.

“Thinking for change is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship,” said Liu Zhong, the general manager of Mao Chen (Shanghai) Limited. He suggested young people could launch a career from setting up a stall.

. Talking about the problems faced by young entrepreneurs, Lu Wen suggested the government should build a commercial platform since the young entrepreneurs lack any actual business experience or effective knowledge. Liu Zhong advised that the government could extend their support policies from three to five years.



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