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Jiading launches new teaching center for continuing education

( ) 2014-06-20

The school of continuing education at Fudan University signed a cooperation agreement with the Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Management at Jiading recently. A new Jiading teaching center will be set up for degree and non-degree courses of continuing education.

The Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Management is a research base in Jiading district under the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and the cooperation partner Fudan University is a countrywide cadre education and training center of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC.

In February, the two sides – through sufficient research, field trips and earnest consultation – agreed to build a lifelong education system and contribute to the national strategy of “strengthening the country through human resources”. The cooperation relies on the brand superiority of both sides and their location advantage, teaching resources and training facilities.

According to the nation’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), the Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Management concentrates on introducing premium teaching resources of Fudan University to meet the raising demands of continuing education from local high-tech industries.

Through this partnership, it will further optimize the development of science and technology in Jiading, and move forward with the cadres’ training and social education.



Guyi Garden becomes digital scenic spot

Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district was recently rated as one of the 21 Shanghai digital scenic spots by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, local media outlets reported on Jan 19.