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The convenient IOV model becomes a reality in Jiading

( ) 2014-08-21

Wang Shouting, a resident of Jiading, personally experienced the unique charm of the Internet of Vehicles (IOV) recently. He opened an IOV app on his cell phone, which allowed him to find out instantly that a No. 9 bus was two stops away from the bus stop at Jiading’s Central Hospital.

He walked out of the hospital, and caught the bus just in time. In the near future, he will be able to know where there are vacant parking places and traffic jams by simply opening his app.. In Jiading, it is gradually become a reality.

IOV is a huge interactive network consisting of vehicle locations, speed, routes and other information, and 2014 is recognized as the first year for the official launch of this IOV project.

The convenient IOV model becomes a reality in Jiading

Internet of Vehicles is applied into automobile industry.[Photo/]

The Development Research Center of the State Council, Society of Automotive Engineers of China along with Volkswagen China have jointly issued the 2014 Report on Automotive Industry in China, which emphasized and discussed the current status as well as the development trend of the IOV industry. Many signs have indicated that the ‘integration of vehicle and network’ is inevitable.

‘IOV’ is not a new phenomenon in Jiading. Shanghai IOV and Telematics Industry Base, which has been committed to facilitating the development of IOV and the telematics service industry in Shanghai, was formally established in Anting as early as 2011.

Given its International Automobile City industrial base and many years of experience in IOV construction, Jiading has got incomparable advantages in the exploration of an ‘integration of vehicle and network’: it’s integrated with both E-commerce and networks.

‘Jiading is the cradle for new energy vehicles, and new energy vehicles will be the development direction of the automobile industry in the future, especially under the current context of innovation-driven development, energy conservation and emission reduction. Jiading’s IOV construction will also be centered on new energy vehicles.’

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