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BAIC Motor opens experience center in Jiading

( ) 2014-10-14

BAIC Motor Corp, a Beijing-based automaker, recently opened its first experience center in Jiangqiao town of Shanghai’s Jiading district.

BAIC Motor opens experience center in Jiading

The experience center is located on Jinyuan No 1 Road of Jiading district. [Photo/]

The two-floor store covers a total area of 20,000 square meters with four series of cars exhibited in the display area. It is expected to sell 2,500 cars by the end of 2015, with total sales revenue reaching 200 million yuan ($33 million).

The store is not only the first experience center of BAIC in the country, but also serves as the headquarters of its 4S stores in East China. It will be responsible for sales training and parts and components distribution in the region, according to the store manager.

BAIC Motor opens experience center in Jiading

The center hosts its opening ceremony and a new car release conference. [Photo/]




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