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District leader makes investigation into Jiading Industrial Zone

( ) 2014-10-20

District leader makes investigation into Jiading Industrial Zone

An investigation group, lead by Dan Shaojun, a member of the standing committee of the Jiading district Party committee, paid a visit to the Jiading Industrial Zone on Oct 15.

After the briefing from the Zone, Dan fully affirmed the achievements which had resulted from the economic development, social management and building up of the CPC Party’s working style and clean government.

Dan pointed out that Jiading industrial zone seized the development opportunity and laid the foundation for regime stability. “At the same time, the Zone established a sound and long-term working system which achieved good results,” he added.

Dan also emphasized that the administration should stick to its effective working methods and take further exploration in terms of improvement in Party conduct and anti-corruption construction.

The group also visited the Volvo Group China and Sino-ADI Development Base of Advertising and Creativity Industry on that day.

By Zhang Yuchen



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