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Huating Harvest Tour

( ) 2014-10-24

Huating Harvest Tour

Nature treats Jiading generously, especially in autumn, when grapes and pears turn ripe and sweet. Autumn is also the harvest season for peanuts, taro, soybean and green peppers. People can enjoy the clear and crisp day and pleasant rustling sound when treading on fallen leaves.

Harvest season in Huating Farm

September to autumn is the harvest season for organic vegetables on the farm. You can have a taste of slightly salted green vegetables stir-fried with eggs, which is really delicious. Autumn is also a good time for fishing. If you do not want to fish, the town will invite you to join a golf competition, competing with golf players from all over the world. The “Jiami” Hami melon, cultivated by Wu Mingzhu, an expert on melon cultivation, also ripens in early autumn.

Huating Farm

Address: No 518, Shuangzhu Road, Huating Town, Jiading Business hours: 8:30 am to 16:30 pm Ticket price: 15 yuan per person Transportation: Take Metro Line 11 to North Jiading station and take the Jiatanghua Bus Line (North Jiading Station – Tangxing – Huating) Telephone: 021-59975427

Useful tips

Huating Farm consists of ponds for fishes and soft-shelled turtles, a small wood and a tea house. Visitors can rent a house near the lake where they can enjoy fishing, tea, card games and beautiful sunshine.

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