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Jiading tech co works on robot project

( ) 2014-11-05

Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Co in Jiangqiao town of Shanghai’s Jiading district is working on a project concerning semantic big data research and application based on network robots to realize intelligent verbal control.

The company is leading research and development of semantic intelligent robots in the country. Its products have been applied to online social media, such as QQ and Weibo. They are also used in the fields of telecom, financial services, e-administration and e-commerce. The number of company users has exceeded 100 million in more than 100 countries, making it the largest network virtual robot supplier in the world.

The project, cooperating with East China Normal University, takes advantage of technologies of semantic emotion analysis and intelligent recommendation to enhance the comprehension ability of the robot. The research can contribute to a new model and method of creating a network robot, mitigate the complexity and cost of building a robot service system, and promote industrial development of the intelligent robot industry and modern service industry.



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