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Ancient city tour

( ) 2014-12-03

Yansi Bridge

Yansi Bridge is an arch bridge with a history of 160 years. It was first built in the seventh year of Emperor Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty. The ancient pomegranate tree beside the bridge blossoms in May every year. Visitors can relive history in Anting on the old street in company with the ancient bridge and pagoda.

Ancient city tour

Yansi Bridge [Photo provided by Jiading tourism bureau]

Address: Anting Old Street, Anting town, Jiading district

Ticket price: Free

Useful tips

Route design:

Jiading Zhouqiao Scenic Spot (Confucius Temple, Imperial Examination Museum, Wu Weijun and Fu Juewen Exhibition Room) – Yakult Anting plant – Jiading New City

Nanxiang Old Street (Twin Pagodas, Tanyuan Garden and Nanxiang Historical and Cultural Museum) – Guyi Garden – Jiading New City – Shanghai International Circuit

Best time to visit:

All year

Food information:

The fried toothed burclover pancake on Nanxiang Old Street is worth tasting, which features glutinous flour skin and delicious toothed burclover. Visitors can also taste the delicious and nutritious Cangshu mutton from Suzhou at Xinyuan Road in Anting. The road is famous for various food and restaurants.

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Guyi Garden becomes digital scenic spot

Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district was recently rated as one of the 21 Shanghai digital scenic spots by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, local media outlets reported on Jan 19.