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Xiaolongmantou crafts enters national cultural heritage list

( ) 2014-12-05

The workmanship of Nanxiang xiaolongmantou (steamed buns) from Jiading district in Shanghai was recently listed by the Ministry of Culture as a representative project of national-level intangible cultural heritage on Dec 3.

Xiaolongmantou, juicy pork wrapped in paper-thin flour skin, are among the most popular local snacks. As a local intangible cultural heritage, xiaolongmantou boasts a history of over 140 years, with workmanship passing on from generation to generation since the reign of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

"Making xiaolongmantou is more than a job to my apprentices and me, it is a way to carry on the cultural legacy of our ancestors," said Li Jiangang, the sixth generation successor whose apprentices have become the backbone of the next generation. He has also opened a workshop and gives classes to young people.

With the aim of promoting its traditions, Nanxiang town has been hosting the annual Xiaolongmantou Cultural Exhibition since 2007. It has become an important event of the Shanghai Tourism Festival. A series of activities takes place during the exhibition, such as a xiaolongmantou-making contest and a xiaolongmantou banquet for hundreds of people. The town also published books and created art performances on the theme. In 2014, a xiaolongmantou experience area opened to the public at Nanxiang Old Street, where visitors can learn from the masters.

<EM>Xiaolongmantou</EM> crafts enters national cultural heritage list

Foreign visitors learn to make xiaolongmantou at the experience area. [Photo/]



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