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Winter Fruit-Picking Tour

( ) 2014-12-08

Lijiang Ecological Garden

There are not only fresh strawberries and tangerines at Lijiang Ecological Garden, but also vegetables of different varieties. It is an ideal place for a happy rural tour, where people can enjoy green and healthy food and beautiful landscapes.

Winter Fruit-Picking Tour

Lijiang Ecological Garden [Photo provided by Jiading tourism bureau]

Address: No 3330, Jiazhu Highway, Jiading Industrial Zone, Jiading district

Telephone: 021-59968726, 59968688

Nongdeng strawberry

Nongdeng strawberries grow in Dengta village of Jiading Industrial Zone. The village is famous for its strawberries. Since the strawberry is often short in supply, it has adopted a standard agricultural production model. The base also provides picking services for tourists.

Address: Strawberry Picking Base in Dengta village, Jiading Industrial Zone, Jiading district

Telephone: 59969617 – 0

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