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Delphi Packard's headquarters receive recognition

( ) 2014-12-17

Delphi Packard (Shanghai) International Management Co from Jiading district, along with 57 other multinational companies in Shanghai, received recognition as a regional headquarter by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce on Dec 10. It is the only global headquarters among all the companies recognized this time.

Delphi Packard Electric Systems Co, the largest branch of Delphi Automotive PLC, founded its global headquarters in Anting, Jiading district, early this year. As a global leading supplier of electric systems, the branch has six technical centers and 76 manufacturing bases in the world, with products covering automotive wire harnesses and connectors.

With the development of the headquarters economy in Shanghai, Delphi Packard's headquarters no longer just serve the domestic market, but are also engaged in the allocation and management of global resources. The company provides advanced technologies and business management services to its subsidiaries with its experiences in sales, research and development, engineering and operation.

Delphi Packard's headquarters receive recognition

Yang Xiaoming (right), president of Delphi China Co, receives the certificate from Zhou Bo, vice-mayor of Shanghai. [Photo/]

Delphi Packard's headquarters receive recognition

The certificate [Photo/]

Delphi Packard's headquarters receive recognition

Delphi's plant in Shanghai [Photo/]



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