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BAIC Motor's new e-car becomes a hit in Shanghai

( ) 2014-12-26

BAIC Motor's new e-car becomes a hit in Shanghai

The E150EV displayed at BAIC Motor's store in Jiangqiao, Jiading district [Photo/]

The electric vehicle E150EV developed by Beijing-based BAIC Motor has become a hit in the market since it was released on Dec 16, according to a report from BAIC Motor's Shanghai headquarter in Jiangqiao, Jiading district, Dec 22.

Over 40 cars have been sold within three days from Dec 16 to 19. The delivery date of pre-ordered cars has also been delayed by 40 days.

Low cost and various financial subsidies have helped boost the car's popularity. The fully charged car can run 150 kilometers at a cost of 8 yuan ($1.30) per 100 kilometers. Its maximum speed can reach 125 kilometers per hour. Thanks to the subsidies, consumers can buy the car, valued over 230,000 yuan, at the price of 69,800 yuan. Furthermore, they can get a free local license plate, which allows people to drive the car in the downtown area of the city.

BAIC Motor offers a six year or 150,000 kilometer warranty for the vehicle. The carmaker also promises to offer a free replacement if the battery is damaged.

A buyer, who ordered two E150EVs for his company, said the vehicle saves costs and can fulfill business needs.



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