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Anting establishes medical industry chain

( ) 2014-12-30

Anting, a town in the northwest of Shanghai, has been dedicated to establishing a medical industry chain in recent years on the basis of the Anting International Medical Industrial Park.

With the aim of developing a modern medical service and life science industry, the park has set up a long-term goal to reach an annual output value of 3 billion yuan ($482 million) in medical services by 2020.

The newly-introduced Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, covering an area of 270,000 square meters, is expected to open next year. As a third-level grade-A hospital affiliated to the Second Military Medical University in Shanghai, the hospital features military health services, medical treatment, medical education and scientific research. According to the plan, it will set up 54 departments and be equipped with 1,500 beds. The hospital will also pay great attention to talent introduction and training and management.

The National Liver Cancer Science Center near the hospital, as the first national center in the field of biotechnology, will also come into use soon.

The Shanghai Cell Therapy Engineering and Technology Research Center, a high-end medical service company financed by Yaoji Poker and the Lianxin Foundation, has settled in the park. The park is also seeking cooperation with the Shanghai Wumengchao Cancer Medical Center.

Thanks to the favorable geographic location and convenient transportation network, the Anting International Medical Industrial Park will enjoy fast development and become an industrial landmark in northwest Shanghai.



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