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New hospital to open in Jiading

( ) 2015-01-06

The branch of Shanghai's Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, located on North Moyu Road, Jiading district, is set to complete construction and is expected to go into trial operation before June this year.

The new hospital, with an area of 400 mu (27 hectares), is designed to have a bed capacity of 1,500. Apart from the building for out-patient and emergency departments, the infrastructure construction has come to an end. The power distribution facilities in the basement have also been handed over to the property management company to operate. The beds and medical equipment will be installed after Spring Festival.

According to the design program, the out-patient building will set up registration windows, offices, emergency rooms and internal medicine departments on the first floor, as well as three rooms for minor operation and 48 surgical clinics on the second floor. The building will also have six advanced operation rooms, which adopt air cleaning technology to avoid microbial contamination.

The hospital also adopts an integrated design with its buildings connected by ring-shaped corridors, cutting walking distance between departments.

In addition to advanced hardware facilities, the hospital attaches great importance to expert recruitment. As an affiliated hospital to Shanghai's Second Military Medical University, it boasts great medical resources. Besides recruitment at other local military hospitals such as Changzheng Hospital and Changhai Hospital, it also seeks high-end medical personnel in the country.

New hospital to open in Jiading

A panoramic view of the hospital [Photo/]

New hospital to open in Jiading

The interior of ward building [Photo/]