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Phytotron accelerates vegetable breeding

( ) 2015-01-07

Green vegetables, growing in the Shanghai vegetable breeding base in Jiading district, have yielded pods a few months earlier than normal with the help of a phytotron.

A phytotron is a research greenhouse where environment parameters such as temperature, humidity, illumination and air speed can be accurately controlled to emulate any climatic environment the vegetables need. It can largely improve the success rate of vegetable breeding, cut down R&D costs, and shorten the R&D period.

The base, as a branch of Shanghai Changzheng Vegetable Seed Co, focuses on the R&D of green vegetables and cauliflowers. It has independently developed a series of vegetable varieties.

Gui Liming, principal of the base, said independent product innovation has played an important role in the development of the company. Thanks to the construction of the phytotron and tissue culture room, the base will dedicate itself to developing more advanced vegetable varieties.

Phytotron accelerates vegetable breeding

seedlings of green vegetable in culture medium [Photo/]

Phytotron accelerates vegetable breeding

A researcher checks the seedlings of green vegetable. [Photo/]



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