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Jiading promotes ways for business launching platform

( ) 2015-01-30

Jiading promotes ways for business launching platform

The 2015 ChuangValley Global Innovation competition is on the run from Jan to April, selecting and providing support for excellent business startup projects. [Photo provided to]

The 2015 ChuangValley Global Innovation competition, which provides opportunities for exchanges thoughts between business startups and investors kicked off in Jiading district of Shanghai on Jan 29.

The district's deputy chief, Fei Xiaomei, was there at the opening ceremony to give a speech saying that Jiading will strive to build an accessible business launching platform for young people, and provide support for technological innovation.

In addition, the district will focus on bringing in intelligent automobile industry chain including research and design, production and pilot exercise, as well as high-end technologies of semiconductor chips and sensor production, she said at the opening ceremony.

The competition was organized by ChuangValley, a local innovation and investment platform, and got support from the Jiading district government, Center for Creative Leadership China and Forbes China.

Jiading came up with strategies and policies to boost its integrated development of technology, capital, talent and industry, and has put several entrepreneurship contests in place since 2012. By the end of 2014, nearly 1500 enterprises with a total investment of over 100 billion yuan ($15.96 billion) have registered in the district, along with 33 investment funds and 200 investment projects.

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