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Jiading steamed cake applies for intangible cultural heritage

( ) 2015-02-02

Jiading steamed cake applies for intangible cultural heritage

When it is done, the cook usually puts some walnut pieces and sliced fruit to add to the flavor. [Photo/]

The Cultural Heritage Office of Jiading District in Shanghai has applied for its well-known traditional steamed cakes to be included in the State-level intangible cultural heritage list. To this end, the Office submitted a report to a cultural seminar held in Jiading on Jan 31, outlining workmanship of its steamed cakes.

Staff and experts hope any such listing could help protect those traditional skills and pass it on to next generations. Traditional steam cakes from the area has been a unique delicacy and made and consumed along the Yangtze River. In recent times, however, there are signs of overlooking it.

Steamed cakes carry rich festive taste in rural areas, and its cooking requires quite delicate skills. The cook needs to dry out and grind polished round-grained rice mixed with sticky rice that have been soaked overnight in water, then rub brown and white sugar water lightly into the rice flour. Dry out the mixture slightly and then put it in wooden steamers to steam on the stove. The cakes are used to reward people for a year's hard work, and to worship the ancestors.



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