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Major points in Jiading district government work report for 2015

( ) 2015-03-17

3. Enhance the public service sector

Enhance social security. The district added 35,000 new jobs and help 8,333 surplus labor force in rural area seek employment elsewhere. It relocated 334 people with difficulty in finding jobs. Relocate 334 people with difficulty in finding jobs. Expand the groups covered by social security and raise the level of security. Provide social assistance for 409,000 people with aid money amount to 220 million yuan. Ensure rural villagers enjoy the same basic subsistence allowance as urban residents. Give social aid to those who struggle in poverty due to high medical cost. Enhance social service for the elderly – 448 nursing room beds for senior citizens were added last year and the main part of Jiading First Nursing Home has been built.

Properly arrange medical resources in the district. The replacement of Anting Hospital and the construction of Jiangqiao Hospital are in progress. The district also endeavored to facilitate people to join more cultural and sports activities, such as building the new Jiading Gymnasium. Jiading tops other districts in the assessment of Nation Physical Fitness Index in Shanghai.

As the district aims to attract more business investment, it also makes every effort to attract more talented and skilled people. It continues to develop as a base of overseas talents. It continues to strengthen Shanghai International Automobile City as a national-level base of overseas talents, and the Jiading park of Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park as a municipal-level base of overseas talents. The district recruited 105 innovative or urgently-needed talents. Ensure welfare of talented and skilled people. A total of 248 people were approved to purchase residential buildings especially built for the talented and skilled people and 231 of them bought the houses. 574 were qualified to get rental subsidies and the annual subsidy reached nearly 100 million yuan.

4. Innovate social management

By sponsoring the Jiading Friendly Neighborhood Festival, residents were encouraged to organize 1,908 events, attracting a total of 250,000 people. 107 new community friendly neighborhood homes were established to help empty-nest elderly and build rapport among neighbors. Start the pilot project of Community Living Map, which is distribute to residents a map that shows entertainment and public service sites in the community. Build 60 community service centers to help people deal with affairs such as social security and maternity insurance. A total of 805,000-square-meters of illegal buildings were dismantled and 2,500 group-rented houses, which were divided into smaller rooms to rent separately to earn more money, were cleared.

5. Raise government efficiency

The government’s work style has been greatly improved as redundant meetings, documents and celebrations were canceled, while funds for official banquets and official tours abroad were strictly managed. Bureaucracy was simplified. 163 administrative examination and approval items were removed or modified. Disclosure of government information was improved and administrative transparency was enhanced.

Despite the achievements, there are still difficulties and challenges ahead such as: the tough task of adjusting the structure of the economy while maintaining economic growth; how to effectively integrate scientific innovation and industrial upgrading; the conflict of slow growth of government revenue and increasing demand for public service; the difficulty of financing and comparatively low capital usage efficiency. We should face the challenges and take stronger measures to solve the problems.



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