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Major points in Jiading district government work report for 2015

( ) 2015-03-17

3. Provide more employment assistance for long-term unemployed youth and university students. Support companies in vocational training and help laborers improve vocational skills. Cooperate in running schools with renowned universities and international educational institutions. Fulfill the three-year action plan on public hospital reform and popularize the healthcare mode of household doctor. Open the Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgical Hospital and the National Center for Science in hepatocellular carcinoma. Hold the First Jiading Citizens Sports Meeting and Citizens Art Festival. Add 740 nursing room beds. Build and open the Jiading First Nursing Home.

4. Host the 2015 Jiading Friendly Neighborhood Festival. Take strict measures to ensure safety of public places. Large-scale public events should be reported beforehand and approved. Ensure the safety of densely-populated area, campuses and hospitals. Eliminate hidden risks in fire-fighting and make every effort to ensure safety in work place, food, medicine and road traffic.

5. Make 2015-2020 Beautiful Countryside Construction Plan. Improve the infrastructure, ecological environment and public service facilities in areas that are planned for villagers to live. Renovate and improve environment of natural villages. Accelerate development of modern agriculture and family farms, with the target that 30 percent of area planted in grain crops are managed by family farms. Keep area planted in grain crops stable and reduce vegetable fields. Close all farms that are not standardly operated and build modernized farms as well as agricultural products checking centers.

6. Enhance administration according to law. Recruit legal advisors for government agencies. Try best to do well in administrative review and administrative responses to appeals. Improve government information disclosure and the establishment of e-government system. Invite more social capital to invest in and operate non-profit businesses. Enforce discipline in the civil service and improve government work style. The government will willingly subject themselves to supervision by District People’s Congress and the standing committee, democratic supervision from the District Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

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