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National-level youth center established in Jiading

( ) 2015-05-04

A youth center opened in Jiading district on May 4, Youth Day, which will be used to nurture start-ups and develop public service activities.

Located at the intersection of Defu Road and Tianzhu Road in Jaiding New City, the youth center is similar to a space capsule. The indoor area is about 970 square meters, surrounded by about 2,000 sq m of green land in the open air.

"The youth center has been designed to appeal to young people," said district authorities.

The location of youth center was carefully selected. It is close to the Shanghai Poly Grand Theater, the Yuanxiang Lake, the Library of Jiading New City and a cluster of commercial buildings which gather many young people.

Jiading district is ambitious to build a first-class youth center and a national model.

The central hall offers facilities where young people can search for information on public welfare donation, venue booking, equipment rental and others.

The Changxin Hall, resembling an ancient Roman amphitheater, is equipped with projectors like ihome and AirPlay. It is expect to host small salons and reading clubs. In addition, the center's backyard has a stage for entertainment events.

The youth center also serves as an innovation space for young people. It provides young entrepreneurs office space with basic facilities like printers and scanners. Young people who pursue entrepreneurial dreams can read and learn here, and communicate with other young entrepreneurs.

Since 2014, Jiading has built more than 100 youth centers across the district, 29 of which are ranked as city-level youth centers, with 48,000 total members and 176 social organizations. These youth centers have launched 1,530 events including more than 210,000 young people.



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