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Village scenery appealing in painter's eyes

( ) 2015-05-08

Village scenery appealing in painter's eyes

People visit Fu's paintings on scenic views of Dayu village. [Photo by]

More than 20 paintings on scenic views in Dayun village of Malu town in Jiading are currently exhibited at the Culture and Sports Service Center in Jiading New City.

Fu Yongkang, a painter graduated from China Academy of Art, came to Dayu village a year ago. He fell in love with the pastoral landscape and decided to record the idyllic scenery with his painting brush.

"The fields in Dayu village always remind me of Vincent Van Gogh and Arle, where the short-lived but prolific painter created most of his stunning masterpieces. The village is quiet yet prosperous, inspiring me in so many aspects," Fu said.

Chen Yanping, one of the visitors and a resident in Dayu village, said she was impressed by the painter's observation competence. "He made the view we see every day more appealing."

The exhibition will run through the end of May.



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