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Technological innovation promotes Anting auto industry

( ) 2015-06-26

Anting in Jiading district, where the Shanghai International Automobile City (SAIC) is situated, has recorded fast development in is resident auto industry through technological innovations.

The automobile design and research institute of Tongji University in Anting cooperated with a new energy technology company to develop an electric concept car, which was showcased at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.

Technological innovation promotes Anting auto industry

The concept car developed by Tongji University and Menshine Technology Co is showcased at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. [Photo/]

The car without a seat next to the driver has a streamlined inner space interior design. A tablet computer replacing the traditional dash board makes it easier to connect with the Internet of Things. The car body adopts light carbon fiber material, boasting better intensity and collision performance compared with traditional cars. According to the car designers, it is expected to become a commuting tool for young workers in small and medium-sized cities.

Since the Tongji's auto research institute settled in Anting in 2009, it has undertaken R&D projects with a total contract value of 100 million yuan ($16 million). The university's technology park is now under construction in the SAIC, with the first-stage expected to start operations in the second half of 2015. With a construction area of 473,000 square meters, the national-level university park will become a platform featuring sound investment environment, abundance of venture capital funds and high-end experts.

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