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Automobile City cooperates with real estate giant

( ) 2015-07-09

Automobile City cooperates with real estate giant

Pan Shiyi (middle), chairman of Soho China, and heads from SIAC attend the signing ceremony. [Photo/]

The Jiading-based Shanghai International Automobile City (SIAC) and Soho 3Q, an online to offline (O2O) project by Soho China, announced to form a partnership on July 3.

Under the cooperation agreement, the automobile start-ups of Soho 3Q will get policy, technical and capital support from the SIAC while some successful teams will be able to settle in SIAC's Auto Innovation Park for speedy incubation. Both parties will also seek cooperation in the fields of financial investment and the Internet entrepreneurship.

The SIAC is a city-level industrial zone housing China's all automobile industrial chains. Over 280 enterprises have settled down in the zone, including some world-class and new-energy auto enterprises such as SAIC Motor, Porsche and Pininfarina.

Automobile City cooperates with real estate giant

Pan Shiyi and Xu Jian (L), GM at SIAC answer journalists' questions. [Photo/] 

SIAC's Auto Innovation Park, launched in May 2015, has attracted many third-party research enterprises, auto-design firms, e-car enterprises and accessories research and development centers.

SOHO 3Q is a new short-term online leasing project launched by SOHO China, a major commercial real estate developer. By taking advantage of the Internet, it offers commercial rentals lasting from a few days to up to three months in a move breaking off the traditional practice of annual rentals.

The cooperation between SIAC and Soho 3Q aims to facilitate investment in and funding for high-tech startups and to accelerate the development of automobile industry.

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