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Tasting grape tea under grape vineyards

( ) 2015-07-28

Tasting grape tea under grape vineyards

The 10th anniversary of Malu Grape Theme Park will be held in the middle of July. A photo collection activity will be launched with the aim of encouraging people sharing stories about the Park. Tours to Malu Grape Art Village will begin in late July. Tourists can visit six places, including Grape Theme Park, Yijiahui Café, painting and exhibition rooms as well as artists' studio at the Jiayuanhai Art Center, and the Model Truck Museum. You can also enjoy an exhibition of traditional Gu Embroidery there.

From July 18 to September 5, a variety of fresh grapes, folk crafts and agricultural byproducts will be exhibited at the weekend market. Business negotiations about grapes will also be conducted there. On August 20, a blind-date party for Chinese Valentine's Day will be held. On August 30-31, Shanghai Malu Grape Research Institution will hold an exhibition of medium-maturing and late-maturing grapes.


Malu Grape Theme Park: 29 Dazhi Road, Malu Town, Jiading district 

Dates: July 3 to October 8, 2015

Ticket Price: 30 yuan per person 

Rural inns recommended: there are six rural inns in Malu Town, scattering along Taxin Road – Liuxiang Road – Dazhi East Road – Liu Village Road

Malu Hongtai Ecological Park, an important tour spot during the Malu Grape Festival, is a good place for picking grapes. The park, located in 3425 Liuxiang Highway, Malu Town, Jiading District, also engages in cultivation of grapes, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches and vegetables, which makes it a perfect place to taste fruits and experience the rural life.

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